Mini Aussiedoodle Puppy Breeder Serving Sacramento, CA

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Mini Aussiedoodles are beautiful, loving, and friendly dogs that can work well with families and individuals of all types. If you want one for your very own, then turn to Pasta Puppies. We are a Mini Aussiedoodle breeder serving Sacramento, CA.

Meet the Adorable Mini Aussiedoodle

This dog breed is known for its friendly and active nature. Any Mini Aussiedoodle puppy will fit well with families and adapts well to a variety of circumstances and environments. If you want a Mini Aussiedoodle puppy, expect lots of love and fun times ahead.

The Mini Aussiedoodle is easy to train, gets along with other dogs and pets, doesn’t shed hair, and has a long average lifespan. You can house a Mini Aussiedoodle in an apartment, though yards are good for their active personality. These dogs have moderate grooming needs.


Get Your Next Puppy From a Trusted Breeder

If you’re ready to welcome a new furry friend to your family, then turn to Mini Aussiedoodle puppy breeder Pasta Puppies. We’ve bred puppies for over 17 years and provide a variety of puppies with all colors like Merle, Sable, and Chocolate. When you choose us, you get a healthy, happy, socialized, and well-loved puppy ready for their new home.

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